Michael was driving around flat-broke when he passed his first armored truck, so he shot out the tires and the driver, then jacked the truck and took off with rims ablaze. After a near never-ending two star chase the truck is his, but he only has small arms and can't afford any grenades (stronger munitions are still level-locked).

So how could one break open an armored truck without adequate explosives?

The treasure!

There's the truck. Michael is actually in the driver's seat, the shootout in the back is completely unrelated.


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Ways to open the doors:

  • Use a sticky bomb
  • Shoot in the middle of both doors with a shotgun(best chance with a pump action)
  • Park a car behind the truck and blow up the car.

Stealing a police car usually adds a shotgun to your weapons inventory.

  • Shotgun worked for me. Popped right open.
    – james-see
    Dec 21, 2020 at 4:08

After you can see the engine without protection by crashing the truck, shoot the engine till explosion.

And maybe you can check on this: How do I open a security van in GTA V?


Go to the beach and find a small bonfire. Park the truck over the fire, walk away as it burns and explodes then you are golden.


Blow up the engine, or like other people have said, use the shot gun to open the back doors, note, using the shot gun takes a while, but if you just blow up the car, the money goes every where & the cops are called. Just note they both work but they both have flaws


light the truck on fire with a jerry can(found at certain gas station). When it explodes, the briefcase will just poped out of the truck. 2 stars will appear. :)

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