I previously assumed that the Streetpass Plaza population was only limited by the system's memory, but the VIP Room feature says that

Mii characters with VIP status will stay in your plaza no matter how many more Mii characters arrive via StreetPass.

This implies that there is an actual limit to the number of Miis that I can keep in my plaza.

What is the maximum Streetpass Plaza population?

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You can have unlimited StreetPass tags for miis, BUT the amount of Miis displayed is limited to 3'000 I think (if you get more Miis, they won't get deleted, they will most likely be cycled from time to time).


  • I actually read the thread that you cited before asking the question. It only has a guess, but I'm looking for something more than that.
    – Brian
    Apr 17, 2015 at 15:14

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