My follower's body has mismatched color.

So, I used a different kind of companion mod. This error didn't happen in one companion mod, but happened in all companion body mod.

I used CBBE body, and downloaded all the mod requirements (all follower/companion requirements).

The face didn't turn to purple, but the body turned to light grey or something. The bug happened when I changed my companion's outfit. When there's a sunlight, the body glows as well. I have all the DLCs.

Here's a screenshot of the bug / error :


It looks as if a texture file got corrupted. Try re-importing the mods that have to do with this character. The companion mod and the body mods. If your using steam unsubscribe from a mod then subscribe to it again. And ensure that all the appropriate mods are turned on and in a correct order in the "data files" (or something like that) on the pre-start screen.

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