I'd like to use some Source Engine models and sounds, so I looked up how to extract them. Most methods say to use GCFScape, which I can use to browse and extract .gcf files. However, since the SteamPipe update, the .gcf files have been replaced with .vpk files.

Is there a way to extract the .vpk files?


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Yes, and it's included with the game itself. (This method was tested on Windows using Team Fortress 2.)

  • Go to the folder Steam is held in. This varies depending on your OS.
  • Next, go to the steamapps/<username>/<game_here>/ folder. I will be using Team Fortress 2 (under the team fortress 2 folder.)
    • might also be called "common" instead of your username.
  • Under the tf folder (or hl2 for Half-Life 2/Portal), find the file ending in _dir.vpk. I'm using tf2_sound_vo_dir.vpk (the characters' voices), but any .vpk file will work.
  • Drag all of the .vpks onto the "vpk.exe" file. You should do this with two windows to make things easier.
  • Once this finishes, go to a folder named tf2_sound_vo_dir in bin/ (the folder where vpk.exe is stored).
  • Inside is a bunch of folders. Those are the files that were inside the .vpk.
  • To compile into a .vpk, drag a folder filled with your files (for example, test_vpk) down to vpk.exe. This should compile into a file named test_vpk.vpk.

If this is wrong, or you have a method for another OS, either edit it or leave a comment.

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