I've just developed a massively successful game in game dev tycoon but turned down the offer to move into the large office building because I didn't have that much money. After the game was released I earned a massive amount of money and am now ready to move into the technology park. However, I can't find an option to do this. How do I move office if I've turned down the previous offer?

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The game will ask you again if you want to move every 5 months.

From codeNw.js:


The game prompts the notification only if you never declined it, or if the last time you declined was 2E4*GameManager.SECONDS_PER_WEEK ticks ago.

From codeNw.js again:


Now, some maths.

  • There are 1000 ticks in a second, so 80000 ticks are equivalent to 80 seconds.
  • There are 4 seconds in a week, so 80 seconds are equivalent to 20 weeks.
  • There are 4 weeks in a month, so 20 weeks are equivalent to 5 months.

Note that the above calculations are the same for all possible moves in the game.


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