I've been trying to do /testfor @a [r=5] for something, but it wont work! It just gives me an error message like "Data tag" something something "Unexpected "[" as first char." I've done the command before and it works, so why won't it work now??

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Once again, you have put a space in between the @a and the radius selector.

Correct command: /testfor @a[r=5]

A redstone comparator coming out of the block will emit a signal when this is true.

  • oh my god I seriously did it again xD I feel so dumb lol. Thanks :P
    – xXPikminXx
    Apr 20, 2015 at 22:56

You put a space in between @a and [r=5].

The correct command is this:

/testfor @a[r=5]

The "/" is optional.


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