On Terraria, when I open the app, it shows the supporters and stuff. Then when it gets to the title screen and I press "play", the game freezes and then exits out of the app. This was right after the new version of Terraria came out. (Easter update 2015 I think.) I double tap the home button and exits out of all my apps that are open. I retry to go on Terraria, but the same thing happens. I clear my one app that is open (Terraria). I then rebooted my iPad mini. I tried to get into Terraria again but it won't work. I will not delete the app and ALL of my iCloud storage is taken up, so that isn't a choice. Is there any way at all to fix this?

  • You could try something like this (<- link) to backup the Terraria data to allow you to reinstall it without losing your save. – Guvante Apr 21 '15 at 22:03
  • Have you tried contacting Relogic support (they made Terraria). The email is: support@re-logic.com What version of iOS do you have? – user271360 Apr 23 '15 at 10:10

My way of fixing this problem was, Close all apps, shut down device, leave for 24 hours, open the device, go into a seperate app, be on that for about 10 minutes, go on Terraria and that worked for me.

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