In Killing Floor 2 the perk system works differently, when you hit level 5 you seem to have options as to what you want as a bonus for each perk. Can you reset these at anytime or does it stay with you until you gain another five levels in that perk?

I'm currently level 3 (nearly 4) Commando, so I'd like to know if it isn't a reversible decision.

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    I'm pretty sure you can simply pick bonuses any time in the menu or before starting a game. So yes, it is reversible. Once you reach Level 5, you can simply choose either bonus, and change at any time. – Hugo Zink Apr 22 '15 at 23:04

Navigate to the Perks menu, then click on Configure:

enter image description here

Mouse over the skill you want. A red box should outline the desired choice:

enter image description here

Click to confirm. Your new skill has been set!

enter image description here

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