I recently got the demo model of the PS4 from a closing Target store in Canada. Unfortunately I can't seem to switch to normal mode. I tried formatting the HDD and then initializing it, but no use, it still goes into kiosk mode. I can go into "Staff Mode" but can't do much there. The model is a CUH-1001A which is a retail model.

I hope someone can help.


The answer is simple. To get out of the demo/kiosk mode, you'll need a Firmware-Reverter like for the good old PS3 which is not possible for now because there isn't such a thing for the PS4 so far. However i'm not sure if such questions are allowed here because it's not about a game and what you're asking about is against Sonys software lisence agreement.

You may not (i) use any unauthorized, illegal, counterfeit or modified hardware or software with System Software; (ii) use tools to bypass, disable or circumvent any PS4 system encryption, security or authentication mechanism; (iii) reinstall earlier versions of the System Software ("downgrading");


You'll need to contact Sony and ask them - Demo consoles aren't normally owned by the store, they are on a free rental deal from the manufacturers, so the only people who'll be able to legally let you take it out of demo mode is said manufacturers.

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