We are trying to 1v1 using only AK in CS:GO.

How do you use the developer console to start each player with an AK47 no matter what side they are on?


So you want to be in a private server where you can turn sv_cheats 1 on. If you are playing on a server where you can't do that, you will need to try and get the rcon_password for that server and execute sv_cheats 1.

Once you have done that, best practice is executing the script I linked below, copy paste that into a grens.cfg file and place it in your csgo/cfg directory.

mp_respawn_on_death_t 1
mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1
sv_cheats 1
sv_infinite_ammo 1
sv_grenade_trajectory 1
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 5
sv_showimpacts 1
sv_showimpacts_time 5
mp_buytime 99999
mp_buy_anywhere 1
mp_roundtime 99999
mp_roundtime_defuse 99999
mp_roundtime_hostage 99999
mp_limitteams 0
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_solid_teammates 1
mp_freezetime 2
mp_startmoney 16000
ammo_grenade_limit_total 6
mp_spectators_max" = "10" 
mp_restartgame 1

Now load up your map, type in exec grens.cfg. Now you can type buy ak47 in console and anybody should be able to get an AK47 on CT and T.

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