There are lots of X +20% weapon/armor abilities.

If I have a character who has 255 of stat X, is the weapon/armor bonus still applied?


The final result is affected by the percentile increase, but not the (hard-capped) stat itself.

For example: the strength stat is hard capped at 255. The only way to actually raise the strength stat now is by using Cheer 5 times, making it 260.

Now you equip a weapon with +20% Strength. This does not increase the strength stat by 20%. It affects physical damage directly, instead. This goes for all similar abilities.

So while the weapon/armor ability will increase the damage you do, even at the hard capped value of 255, it does not increase the stat directly.

Sources: here and here

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  • Incredible! So this makes lousy low percentage modifiers like +5% useful even if you have less than 20 in a stat! I never knew this. – BlackVegetable Apr 29 '15 at 15:01

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