Wolves? What wolves? I have only spotted ONE wolf in playing minecraft for the past two weeks!

Can anyone tell me where I can find one? Is there some sort of biome they prefer? Are the spawning rules for wolves any different from regular critters?

  • I found one in a forest biome in about thirty minutes and you just need to keep looking. – Badga888 May 4 '11 at 23:09

Wolves spawn in taiga and forest biomes only. (However, according to the Minecraft Wiki, a glitch allows wolves to spawn rarely in all biomes.) They follow the same spawning rules as other passive mobs; they spawn on grass with light level 7 or higher.

My best advice is to find a taiga or forest and run around looking for them.

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    Protip: Wait until night, and place a few torches in an otherwise dark area (in a forest/taiga). Kill anything that spawns and isn't a wolf. You can easily get wolves in 10 minutes. – fredley May 24 '11 at 18:09
  • That is all Forest biomes excepting the Flower Forest biome (source). – Joachim Nov 27 '19 at 19:55

According to the minecraft wiki,

Wolves spawn in Light level 7 or higher (like all passive mobs), on Grass (again, like all passive mobs), typically in Taiga and Forest biomes, and more commonly during dawn and dusk periods of the day.

They can spawn in groups of 1-8.

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You can find wolves in areas with snow and lots of trees. Once you find a wolf, you can tame them with bones. Tamed wolves will attack whatever you attack, so be careful not to accidently punch your other pets. You can make tamed wolves sit or stand. ( Warning: If a wolf is sitting down for too long, the wolf will never be able to stand up forever.

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Here is how I did it : it is a (little) cheat. It will not spawn dogs where there is not, it will locate existing wolves using level datas:

  1. Download this program and run it.
  2. Unfold saves, then the folder corresponding to your mod. Select region and hit Ctrl + F.
  3. Check the button Value and then put id in name and Wolf in Value. Click on Find then wait.
  4. When it has finished searching, NBTExplorer selected the id: Wolf leaf. Just scrolldown: after the leaf Owner:, and some other branches, there is one called Pos. Expand it, and then you have the dog's pos!
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You can find them in the water in the forest

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