My AC adapter for my psp died. I was charging the PSP with my laptop but I forgot like a week and died. My cousin has the adapter but for the PS vita, will it work?


Unfortuantely this wont work.

The PSP uses a AC adapter with a specialized tip for AC charging:

Amazon listing for PSP charger adapter
Amazon listing for AC adapter tips

The PS vita uses a unique output port to the PSvita from a USB input:

Amazon listing for PS vita charger cable

Basically you would need a USB input that leads to a AC Tip output, which wont happen because a) they don't make these cables, b) USB output's at most 500mA which wouldn't be enough to charge the battery in most cases.

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No, if you just google images search them both you can see that the Vita has a rectangular plug and the PSP plug is circular.

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