Are there any official sources and statistics from Blizzard about

  • How many players have reached the Legend rank each season?
  • Which class performed best/worst? (Most wins, Most losses, Win/Lost versus other classes)
  • Most played card?
  • Card that finished off the opponent? Etc.

There are some sites that provide some stats but they rely on the players that have to provide the information.

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Sorry, but Blizzard does not release regular general statistics about Hearthstone. Daily Dot has an article positing that Blizzard intentionally keeps theses statistics a secret.

However, they do occasionally release a variety of non-regular statistics. For example:

In essence, your best bet to find official statistics on Hearthstone is to regularly check the news section at Battle.Net Hearthstone and hope they post the statistics you would like to see.

  • The first link definitely sums it all up. Thanks for sharing.
    – Jehof
    May 5, 2015 at 6:08

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