I have this happen all the time when playing Mortal Kombat X. The screen freezes up, the game crashes and then I get a popup display ing the error above: Display Driver has Stopped Working.

screenshot of crashed client and Nvidia popup

The Mortal Kombat process stays active (despite the window being closed) and I have to manually kill it in Task Manager.

I am apparently not the only one experiencing this issue:

Does anyone know of a fix/workaround for this yet?

I have up to date Nvidia drivers. This issue has never occured for me in any game, even in GTA V max settings, or CS: GO high settings. Only MkX on low settings, so I can get a decent FPS crashes for me. Win 8.1. Compatibility mode does nothing but prevent the game from launching, running as admin changes little.

  • I think this is perfectly clear & on topic here, but we could do with some more info: What have you tried? Can you run the game in compatibility mode, or with Administrator privileges? Have you run a 'verify integrity' of the game? Are your graphics drivers up to date? Have you installed the correct version of Direct X?
    – Robotnik
    Commented May 4, 2015 at 6:42
  • 1
    If this is a "fairly common issue for nvidia users" as you did in fact write in your first comment, then the problem is likely a bug in the NVIDIA drivers (or hardware) and you'll have to wait either until NVIDIA fixes it or the Mortal Kombat X developers release a patch that works around the NVIDIA bug. I don't know what other kind of response you're expecting.
    – user86571
    Commented May 4, 2015 at 18:04
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  • FYI, MKX is notoriously bad on PC but is going to have a patch soon.
    – bmarkham
    Commented Sep 1, 2016 at 4:59

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So unlike what others here have been saying; this has been confirmed to be a game issue (not an Nvidia issue) that was fixed by the developers (Netherrealm Studios) in the today's 15GB patch:

  • Added the free Klassic Sub-Zero costume.

    Display drivers should no longer crash during online play.

  • A crash will no longer occur after a full rotation of players in the lobby during Round Robin matches.

  • Fixed a crash that some users experienced during the first QTE in the story.
  • Game no longer crashes when players attempt to join a game through Steam or in a room.
  • Fixed startup crash on high end systems (those with > 8 cores).
  • Fixed a crash that would occur during recorded match playback.
  • Save data safety check to try to eliminate save data loss.
  • Fix to prevent save game data from being corrupted while closing the game.
  • Walk away animations now appear at the end of the character selection process.
  • The levers in Shao Khan's Tomb will now activate.
  • Shinnok's Flick Trick Fatality no longer experiences a significant framerate drop.
  • Functionality is no longer lost while watching a match replay.
  • Pre-game lobbies will populate 10 players into Faction Battle matches.
  • Kombat Kards will now display correct Icons, Backgrounds, and Borders in a KOTH match.
  • Fatality inputs no longer change into QTE inputs during in Online Tower Battles.
  • Game no longer desynchronizes when a player selects a character that their opponent has not unlocked.
  • D'Vorah's cape no longer moves when she's killed.
  • Game no longer freezes when opponent in online closes the game.
  • Title remains responsive while story cinematics are loading.
  • Fixed leaderboards and kombat kards not updating past the top players.
  • After entering Replays with the controller the Player can use the keyboard when watching a replay from an online match.
  • Loading screens now display before progress bar fills up.
  • Diagonal arrows are shown instead of keys when Alternate Control is enabled.
  • Sometimes saving a Custom1 preset displayed as being saved for Custom1-4 in the character select and pause menu controls screens.
  • The UI arrows will now switch sides on a tagged move when the character switched position with his opponent.
  • Chat room names will now display properly (instead of SteamIDs.)
  • Fixed input callouts when switching between keyboard and USB controller after entering a KOTH match.
  • Additional graphical fidelity options.

This message popped out every few minutes. That was really driving me crazy.

I did some research online and found there are some workable solutions for me from this post of how to fix display driver stopped responding and has recovered issue on Windows. Well, now I can play games smoothly.


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