There's no indication that they do, but do parts from the body shop such as spoilers and carbon fiber replacements affect the handling of the car? It seems logical that they would.

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  • This does not answer your question but may be interesting as well: AFAIK in NFS Underground (first part) parts of cars that have fallen off impact your car's handling/speed when you drive over them, i.e. parts on the track impact the race and may cost you a win if you don't dodge them.
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Body parts do not affect performance. They are for "Visual Rating" only and are used to unlock DVD cover opportunities as part of sponsor contracts. Only Fine-tuning and a Dyno Run will affect performance.

  • This is wrong. Body parts will affect handling performance (front/rear downforce/weight)
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  • My answer is based in the in-game description. Parts that alter anything in the car inform what was altered. If the information is not in the manual or in the in-game description, that's a functional, implementation and testing error of the game development.
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They will alternate handling performance actually. See:

Performance alterations with spoilers were first introduced in Underground 2, which allowed the player to alter rear downforce settings. Similar implementations were reintroduced in Need for Speed: Pro Street and the Shift series.

Source: https://nfs.fandom.com/wiki/Spoilers

The root scoops, bumpers, rims, wide body kits and carbon fiber components all have effects. After you change a part and go to dyno run, you can see the handling score changes significantly.

Here is a nice body part tuning guide. I only find a Chinese version: https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv5159860/

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