I want to create a very difficult mission with 200-400 portals. Creating such a mission is a lengthy task. I want to plan ahead how many and which portals I can use, because the layout would be very different if I could use only 50 of 400 planned portals.

What is the maximum of portals I can use in a mission?


The mission is up, you can see it here.

I have added 100 portals and then changed their objective and description using* a script, otherwise I would have been still doing it, see yourself:

var scope = angular.element($("#waypoints")).scope();
    var child = scope.$$childTail;

    do {
        var wp = child.waypoint;
        //console.log(child.$index, wp._poi.title);

        wp._show_custom_description = true;
        wp.custom_description = "N/A";
        wp.objective.type = "INSTALL_MOD"
    } while ((child.$first == false) && (child = child.$$prevSibling))

*use at Waypoints page.

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While fiddling with the angular object in the mission-author tool I came across some fancy properties.

From what can be seen there it is apparent that the maximum waypoints is 100.

enter image description here

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