The Full Arsenal achievement in FTL says you need 11 systems installed on a Kestral at one time.

So what counts as a system to do this? Augmentations? Weapons? Drones? Those seem to add to only nine possible. What else could you add?

Oh, I guess there is Cloaking Device and Teleporter... that could add to eleven if the weapons and drones count - do they? Is there something else?


Anything that's labeled as a system or subsystem in the upgrade screen. Pretty much anything in there

8 systems, 4 subsystems. Before the expansion, there was only 3 subsystems (no battery pack) and only 3 available systems to add (cloaking/drones/teleporter, no mind control/hacking)


Full Arsenal requires 8 systems (rooms which require power) and 3 subsystems (rooms which don't- the Kestral already has three).

You already begin with five systems and three subsystems, so you need three of the following:

  • Teleporter
  • Drone Bay
  • Mind Control
  • Hacking
  • Cloaking

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