I was planning to try play Skyrim on the PC again. The first time I played, I find the menu system extremely annoying. Especially with regards to cycling/swapping through weapons.

It seems to be a common idiom in PC games to cycle through available weapons with the mouse wheel. Is it possible in Skyrim to do so, with the help of some mods perhaps?



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There doesn't look to be a way to bind to the mouse wheel.

The best way is to add them to favorites:

  1. Favorite your stuff with F

  2. Open the favorite menu with Q and assign numbers 1~8

ONE-HANDED WEAPON + SHIELD Combo : Press the corresponding hotkeys in any order.

ONE-HANDED WEAPON + SPELL : Equip the weapon first then the spell (you can then cycle through other spells and the weapon will stay in your right hand)

DUAL-WIELDING SPELLS : Simply press the corresponding hotkey twice. As far as I know, all spells can be dual-wielded.

As for dual-wielding weapons, there seems to be two methods.

Automatic Dual-Wield (SAME WEAPON ONLY) : With the favorites menu open, highlight the weapon you want to dual-wield (must have a [x] next to the name where x is the item quantity). Equip it as you normally would (we're not assigning a hotkey yet) THEN right-click. If done correctly it should now say "LR" next to the item's name. Now you can hotkey them !

Manual Dual-Wield : unfortunately, hotkeys don't seem to be supported with this but I'll post it anyway. Basically you'll want to open the Favorites menu, equip your right-hand weapon first with E (or whatever you have assigned to Activate) then highlight what will be your offhand weapon and right-click anywhere in the screen. Yeah it's kind of a pain as hotkeys clear the "L" but at least you don't have to click ON the weapon's name.

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There's a video showing how here

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