As far as I remember, there was a feature in CS:GO to backup rounds, however I can't find how to enable it. Also, when I checked my csgo folder, I saw some old round backups. Here is a picture of the last one (Notice the timestamp? It was my last day with my old pc. Also my last match was 10 mins ago):

last backup

I also found the command mp_backup_round_file, but it is enabled.

More info:

"mp_backup_round_file" = "backup"  
"mp_backup_round_file_last" = ""  
"mp_backup_round_file_pattern" = "%prefix%_round%round%.txt"  
  • Hi, Can you clarify what you mean by backing up rounds?
    – dmoney
    Jul 9, 2015 at 13:07
  • @DamonSmithies As you can see on pic, it shows everyones money, mvps who killed who, who won etc. Btw: it seems to be only working on friend-only servers.
    – ave
    Jul 11, 2015 at 3:47

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I think you're looking for the mp_backup_restore_load_file command, to which you provide a file containing a round's backup data. The filename is on the convars mp_backup_round_file which provides a prefix and enables round backups as soon as it is set, and mp_backup_round_file_pattern which defines the full filename pattern for each round backup file as you have noted.

Simply use mp_backup_restore_load_file, which accepts a parameter which is the filename of the round you want to restore the game state to.

Note that as a simple way to restore the previous round, you can rely on mp_backup_round_file_last which contains the filename of the last backed up round. If you want to restore another round, you'll have to use the right backup file instead. These can be listed with mp_backup_restore_list_files.

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