In GTA Online, I already know that you usually are only able to save outfits when you have an apartment/house. However, I was wondering whether you are able to save outfits into your base outfits without having to buy an apartment.

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You can quite easily do that!

  • Go into the Outfits Menu (CLOSET) OR Go to store and press Square (If on PS3/PS4)

You can also name your outfit and save it to the list. There are about 10 save slots for outfits so far. More than enough, I think! For the XBOX consoles, just switch around the buttons.

Hope it helped.

  • Odd, I just checked that my PS4 copy is up to date but I don't have this ability at all? Any ideas? Aug 14, 2015 at 16:06

Yes, when you go to a store go near the person at the cash register and talk to him/her (e on pc) and then just press spacebar to view your saved outfits or to save a new one.

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