Screenshot of base

I'm a Town Hall 8 with level 3 dragons and valkyries. This base looks pretty difficult, how should I destroy it?

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I'd cook up the following:

  • 3 Lightning spells
  • 10 Dragons
  • Level 3+ dragon donated to your clan castle

I would begin the attack by dropping 1 dragon and your Barbarian King at the east corner and dropping 1 dragon at the south corner (but a bit to the right, to encourage the dragon towards the right-most barracks after the elixir storage is destroyed). While those dragons are softening up those corners, I'd use all 3 lightning spells directly on the air defense tower on the south-east side of the town hall. That should destroy or heavily damage the air defense, archer, and air sweeper towers.

After that, check on the progress of your two dragons and BK. The one on the east corner might need some help. The goal here is you want to remove as much of these outside buildings in the corners as possible before committing the bulk of your forces. The buildings in these corners could distract your main force once you commit, so these 2 dragons and your BK will need to remove most/all of these distractions.

Once much of the buildings in both corners have been destroyed, you'll want to drop the rest of your dragons right in the center of the south-east side of his base. With only buildings in the center leading towards the town hall, your dragons should hopefully take a more or less direct path towards the center of his base, destroying things as they go along.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • I recommend lightning over rage because you have a very real possibility of destroying three towers that target air, including an air defense tower, which are the largest threats to dragons outside of air seeker mines.
  • Make sure that most of the south and east corner buildings are destroyed. If it looks like too many buildings may survive before your 2 dragons and BK are destroyed, drop an extra dragon. But I think 1 dragon at each corner plus your BK at the east corner should be sufficient.
  • Timing when to drop the bulk of your forces is important. Too early, and they could be distracted by any undestroyed buildings in the corners and begin to spread out. This will prolong the amount of time the air defense towers in the center survive, making it more likely you lose too many dragons to finish the attack. Wait too late, and you'll run out of time to destroy the base.
  • Many people like to trigger the BK's ability as soon as they drop him. I typically wait until he's taken a bit of damage first, since he will also heal some health when you use his ability. While there's certainly a time and place to immediately trigger his ability, I don't feel this is one of them. For this attack, I'd wait until he's taken a bit of damage and put the healing to good use so that he'll live longer.
  • As always, be aware of any hidden tesla towers that appears, particularly in the south and east corners. Depending on their location, number, and strength, that might indicate the need for an extra dragon at that particular spot.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about clan troops. Dragons are pretty effective at clearing clan troops on their own.

Note: I'm reasonably confident that you can 2-star this base. Since it is so spread out, however, getting 3 stars might be more of a nail-biter. But this works to your advantage as well, since the air defense towers will have less opportunity to beat on your dragons while they're busy destroying other buildings.

  • Watch for those level five drags though... – Anthony Pham Oct 19 '15 at 22:46
  • @PythonMaster: Although level 5 dragons didn't exist at the time of this question, I don't think the answer would change very much. Ideally, the bulk of dragons going towards the center would trigger the CC to empty, and I like the odds of ~9 level 3 dragons vs 1 level 5 dragon. – Ellesedil Oct 19 '15 at 23:17
  • Another effective spell combination that is now possible due to the dark spell factory (and which I like better than 3 lightning spells) is 2 lightning spells, 1 earthquake spell, and 1 rage spell. The 2 lightning + 1 earthquake will still take out an air defense tower, and you get an extra rage spell left over to help your dragons take out another air defense tower. – Ellesedil Nov 16 '15 at 23:25

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