I've been playing an eu4 game in ironman mode as Brandenburg. I've become Protestant in order to form Prussia, however, I also have toyed with the possibility of becoming Emperor. In order for me to do this, of course, I need the Protestant side to win/tie the league war. But despite the fact that both I and the Palatinate are Protestant Electors, the league interface has not appeared on the HRE screen. That is where it appears, right? Is there any way this could have happened, or is eu4 just being buggy?

Edit: Oh, and I should add that the Palatinate has been an elector for over 20 years now.

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It should trigger eventually. It can only trigger after 1550 and if the Counter-Reformation has kicked off. It's an event that happens to the emperor, and has the following trigger:

trigger = {
    has_dlc = "Art of War"
    NOT = { has_global_flag = evangelical_union_happened }
    hre_leagues_enabled = no
    hre_religion_locked = no
    hre_religion_treaty = no
    is_emperor = yes        
    is_year = 1550
    religion = catholic
    has_global_flag = counter_reformation
    any_known_country = {
        is_elector = yes
        religion = protestant
        is_subject = no
    NOT = { hre_reform_level = 6 }

Assuming the HRE hasn't reformed to level 6 yet, it just has a 120 month mean-time-to-happen. It gets more likely if it still hasn't fired at 1575, and even more so at 1600. So; it'll happen eventually.

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