I have turned on sv_cheats 1 and run nav_generate on the server. Then I set nav_edit 1 from within TF2 (client-side), but no mesh appears. I've added bots, and they clearly follow the generated nav, so it does exist, I just can't see it.

I've followed this tutorial and looked at various guides and forum posts, but no luck.

I've tried turning on nav_edit 1 on the server side instead, but it starts an infinite loop of error messages saying:

UTIL_getlistenserverhost() called from a dedicated server or single-player game

I've tried different maps and different map types, no difference.

I've tried two different computers, no difference.

What am I missing or doing wrong? Is there a graphics setting I need to change, maybe?

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Figured it out. Instead of connecting to a remote server (even one that happens to be on the same machine or accessible over LAN), I needed to start a server from within TF2 client.

When I did it that way, nav meshes showed up and were editable as per the linked tutorial.

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