Hi I've finished the game once already as a mage, and have restarted as a warrior. I was wondering what I should build Bethany towards being. With Carver it was easy to make a choice given the gigantic sword he start off carrying, but with a mage you can take them in so many different directions.

If I presume that Anders will be a healer and Merrill will be my hexer/damage dealer, what do I do with Bethany?

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It doesn't matter much because no matter what you try you lose her after act 2.

If she went with you into the Deep Roads, she'll get infected by Darkspawn corruption and die unless Anders is in the party to make her a Grey Warden (causing her to leave with the other Wardens); if she didn't then you get back to Kirkwall just in time to see her getting carried off to the Circle by the Templars, and you won't see her again until near the very end of the game.

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