I know to use the "Save game as text" button and I found the "number playerHp" part. I typed in my desired amount (2000) and loaded it in the game but it doesn't work. How can I hack it in?


playerHp is your current health, not the maximum possible health. Your maximum health is determined by how many candies you have eaten. There are a few variables that seem to deal with this:

number gameCandiesEatenAccumulated=0, 
number gameCandiesEatenCurrent=0, 
number gameCandiesEatenMax=0

However, just by modifying gameCandiesEatenCurrent I was able to boost my hp. Remember: you'll need to add a lot of candies to boost your health significantly!

  • Then what is the maximum amount of health possible just by eating candies? – sensiwoo May 24 '15 at 18:47

You can also turn up the 'gameGiftHealth=0;' to 'gameGiftHealth=2000;' That is what I do. It is also located almost right above the 'number playerHp'


To increase your max health and health regeneration, you can do one or more of the following things:

  • Change your number of candies eaten (gameCandiesEatenCurrent)
    The maximum amount of health you can obtain from doing this is 900, up to a total of 1000 health, which is achieved by "eating" 3000000 candies. Any further candies eaten up to 2.5E9 candies will increase your health regeneration up to 500 HP/s, and any further candies eaten after that will have no effect. However, you can always change playerHp to your maximum possible HP for instant max healing.
  • Change gameGiftHealth
    Changing gameGiftHealth will add 200 health to your maximum health for each gameGiftHealth; for example, changing gameGiftHealth to 2500 will add 500000 to your maximum health.
  • Obtain the heart plug and heart pendant
    Each item will increase your maximum health by 20% (getting both increases it by 44%) - look for gridItemPossessedHeartPlug and gridItemPossessedHeartPendant and change both to true

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