I used this to place redstone:

/setblock -624.5 244 -1692.5 redstone 0 replace

It gives an error saying that there is no such thing as minecraft:redstone. I tried many different things and nothing works. How can I make a command block place redstone?


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The are two reasons why this command probably isn't working:

  • First, you can't have decimals with the co-ordinates of this particular Minecraft block. They have to be whole numbers not decimals. Try placing a block where you want the redstone to be, look at it, press F3. You will see the co-ordinates of the block in the top right hand side. (See 'looking at'). Destroy the block and use these co-ords in the command.
  • Secondly, the id for redstone dust (the block) is minecraft:redstone_wire, as the inventory item is minecraft:redstone
  • Great! But decimals don't do anything except for reducing the tick delay (this also helps with ghost blocks) and that was not the error I was talking about. Thanks though.
    – Rikri
    May 24, 2015 at 0:35
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  • I couldn't for 10 minutes. Also, it's not an dumb question, why did you downvote?
    – Rikri
    May 24, 2015 at 0:47
  • I didn't downvote. That was someone else. May 24, 2015 at 0:48

Adding on to Angus' answer, there are also 16 different states for redstone wire, which you can specify using the data value.

This is because: 2^4 = 16-1 = 0 to 15.


Try putting in:

/setblock -624.5 244 -1692.5 minecraft:redstone_block 0 replace

It worked for me.

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