I was already there once during the main quest, but I can't find the place again. I read later that there is a merchant there selling really good saddlebags, and I'd like to visit that merchant. But Novigrad is just so big, and I didn't memorize the location of Putrid Grove.

Where exactly in Novigrad is it?

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Enter the city from glory gate take the left on the main road and circle around the "block". Before the intersection you should see a door (as in the picture) on the right, knock and you're in "putrid grove"!

Below image of the Door, and an image of the map facing the door.

Front Door Map


Here you go, no idea if you've found it in the meantime.

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    share some explanation because if the video goes down the answer will be useless May 24, 2015 at 16:38

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