In Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, I just flew the following missions successfully:

  • Tutorial 1-5: Basic training
  • Tutorial 8: Transition to Jet
  • Rome-Naples Airline Run
  • Caribbean Landing

I am just now trying to transition from the Tutorial Missions to scheduled airline runs. Should my experience be enough for transition to airline-style Free Flight, or should I do more missions (and which ones)?

Are there things I will have to observe, that go beyond the missions I flew?

I chose a 32.6 miles EDWB-EDDW low-level (3500ft) VFR via VOR WSR for a small test. I then found that the plane sits on the runway, and there is no radio traffic. Am I expected to initiate radio traffic and ask for takeoff clearance, and how can I enable a computer copilot that would handle radio traffic for me?

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  1. press ` to go into the radio panel ( you have to select the radio station)
  2. there is no way you can get a copilot to do it for you unless your in mulitplayer
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    This only answer part of the question. You might wanna add to your answer so it covers the whole question. Commented Aug 4, 2015 at 12:29

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