How can find or make chlorophyte armour in Terraria on PC?

  • If you have a Drax, then you could farm your own chlorophyte farm, because it's like corruption, it grows! Build a 5X5 mud block square, dig out the middle and place one piece of chlorophyte or in the middle! So easy, you just need to have patience because it takes a while to grow. Commented Feb 28, 2017 at 17:29

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You can acquire chlorophyte armour through crafting it at a crafting station. The recipes for the different pieces of armour as follows -

Chlorophyte armour crafting recipes

Chlorophyte Bars are crafted from 6 Chlorophyte Ore, an end-game Hardmode ore which can be found in the Underground Jungle, or grown in mud.

The chlorophyte bar crafting recipe -

Chlorophyte bar crafting recipe

Sourced from Terraria Wiki on Gamepedia.

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You can find chlorophyte in the jungle biome.

You can mine chlorophyte by acquiring a drill called the Drax. It can be crafted with 18 hallowed bars, 1 soul of fright, sight, and might. (All of which are found on mechanical bosses)

After gathering the necessary amount of ore from the jungle, you can craft chlorophyte bars using a titanium/adamantine forge.

And then, after obtaining the chlorophyte bars, you can create chlorophyte armor using a mythril/orichalcum anvil.


When you unlock hardmode and beat all mechanical bosses, cloriphyte should spawn. You can use the picaxe axe ore the drax to mine it. Smelt it in an adamantite/titanium forge to get cloriphyte bars. Go to an orichalcum/mythril anvil and now you can make your armor.

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