According to Nintendo, when you get a black screen playing Virtual Console games, you can fix it by pressing Z+A+2 on the "Operations Manual" screen.

However, I don't have a Wii Nunchuck, only a Classic Controller. Can I perform this task using these controllers?

  • Note that these instructions are for when a game consistently gives you a black screen every time you try to play it. If the games works normally most of the time but you occasionally get a black screen then your game is crashing (or maybe you have a bad cable) and these instructions won't help. – user86571 May 31 '15 at 15:51
  • I have a black screen 100% of the time. It's definitely the issue described here. – Django Reinhardt May 31 '15 at 17:37

It turns out that you can only do this with the Nunchuck controller. Agh.

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