In Sonic 3 (and by extension, Sonic 3 & Knuckles) there is a Gumball-dispenser bonus stage which dispenses different power-ups, including the various shields, rings, extra lives and a few other arena-specific ones, such as the rubber/bounce balls.

Gumball machine dispensing an electric shield

You can watch the bonus stage in action here:

What are the chances that the gumball machine dispenses one type of ball over another? Are they uniformly released, or does say, a Bubble shield appear more often then an extra life?


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Every time you touch the handle, the game rolls a random chance from this list:

  • Bumper (Black): 4 out of 16
  • Ring (Grey): 2 out of 16
  • Clear (Nothing): 2 out of 16
  • Water Shield (Blue) : 2 out of 16
  • Flame Shield (Red): 2 out of 16
  • Electric Shield (Orange): 2 out of 16
  • Rep (Green): 1 out of 16
  • 1UP (Pink): 1 out of 16

source for this list is http://hcstealth.tumblr.com/post/100311283757/sonic-3-knuckles-20th-anniversary

The Rep chances are unique in that if the game rolls a Rep while the bottom springs are still active, the game will re-roll that particular chance using a different list:

  • Black (Bumper): 8 out of 16
  • Clear (Nothing): 4 out of 16
  • Ring (Grey): 3 out of 16
  • 1UP (Pink): 1 out of 16

The game also checks the result of the roll against its last roll, and if the result would be the same, it "flips a coin" on whether or not the result is re-rolled.


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