I've heard in some previews of The Witcher 2 that you can import your old The Witcher 1 savegames into the new game, similar to the way Mass Effect allows this. Is there any information on what exactly this can change in the new game?

Is it only the big decisions, like for which side you decided to fight? Or does it take more aspects of the old savegame and import them. I also remember reading that certain items and/or gold would carry over, is that confirmed?

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CD Project has commented on the save imports but nothing is confirmed yet. Anyway, here are some vague points:

  • Some quest- and major decisions will be carried over according to your past choices
  • Characters might react differently to Geralt depending on you completed TW1 (1)
  • Importing some of the weapons and armor (2)
  • It will impact the story, though not in a way that it changes it completely (2)
  • It will not import your money from TW1 (2)
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