I know it's one of the best accessories in the game. But how do I get it?

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It can be crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop out of an Obsidian Shield and an Ankh Charm.

  • The Goblin Tinkerer NPC (who can be rescued from underground after defeating a goblin army) sells the Tinkerer's Workshop crafting station for 10 gold.
  • The Obsidian Shield is crafted out of a Cobalt Shield (gold chests in the Dungeon) and an Obsidian Skull (20 obsidian at a furnace) at a Tinkerer's Workshop.
  • The Ankh Charm is built out of a bunch of stuff at the Tinkerer's Workshop. See the below diagram from the wiki.

enter image description here

Terraria Mobile is built on v1.2.1.2 of Terraria (compared to v1.3 on PC). The Ankh Shield was added in v1.2, so making it is the same as on PC.

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