When trying to install the Elder Scrolls Online I get the following error:

Unable to execute the desired program.

Please get another copy of the installer and try again.

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Quick Answer: Install the game from another Windows user; if all the users have different My Documents ("User Files") folder locations instead of the default Windows location create a new temporary user to install the game.

Detailed Answer: As it turns out the installer does NOT like it if you've changed the registry to move the My Documents folder (in Windows 7 Microsoft decided to call it "User Files"). In example since unlike Windows XP where you can simply right-click on the My Documents folder to change it's location you have to go through the registry and manually update the paths and disk id. My installation is to D:\My Documents on a RAID 1 SSD setup so if I have to wipe the C:\ for some reason I don't have to worry about moving my files.

I switched to a placeholder account (as Windows user accounts can get corrupted) and was able to initialize the installer. Once it starts verifying (I simply copied an install from my laptop) I switched over and the launcher worked just fine for the user with the My Documents loaded via D:\My Documents.

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    Just a note on the moving of the folders: It may be easier (and cleaner) to set up directory junctions to the other disk. That way, windows still thinks it's storing things on C:\, but it's actually using folders on D:\
    – Robotnik
    Jun 4, 2015 at 4:59

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