I want a car that can climb a mountain or cross a small stream but can also travel the roads at a relatively high speed and get me across the map fast.

I would like it if it has some armor and not take damage easily so I can do fun jumps and tricks while driving along. I also want to be able to store this vehicle in my garage and modify it to my liking.

Is there a car that will suit all these purposes?

  • I'm thinking the Mesa, would that work for what I need or us there something better? – TheCanadianGoose Jun 6 '15 at 1:32

Try the Dubsta 6x6. It's fast if you fully upgrade it and also it's got 6 wheel drive so it's brilliant off road! Also, it's got high suspension which means you can get through your rivers!

Here's a picture of it

Tip: when upgrading it DO NOT lower the suspension. It will ruin it's off road capability.

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    Thanks, I've driven it before and really enjoyed the ride, I'm going to save up for one on online as well now. – TheCanadianGoose Jun 6 '15 at 13:21

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