I like the Total War series, and I was thinking about maybe getting Rome II sooner or later. I also worship Jesus Christ, and I would be very surprised if Israel/Jerusalem is uncapturable in the game. I know this is just a game, that none of it's supposed to have religious meaning in real life, it's supposed to be an amoral game, other Christians play it, etc. It's just that I would still feel a little uneasy if the game somehow necessitated taking over an independent Israel under the Macabees.

(Contrast this from Empire: Total War, where the area is not only already held by a foreign empire, but it is not being used so much like a Jewish homeland.)

In Total War: Rome II, is it always viable to avoid capturing that one specific country/city, at least if it's independent on the game map? If any of the campaigns or scenarios or whatever require you to take it over during the game, either practically or through the objectives list, the answer is no. If it's required, but the country is not independent, then please specify. Thanks!

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    What does Christianity have to do with Israel? – Superbest Jun 24 '16 at 0:39

There are 3 different victory types in Total War: Rome 2: Military, Economic, and Cultural.

Every victory type requires total control of 6 different provinces among other conditions. The provinces that need to be conquered depend on the faction you play as.

In the game, Jerusalem is a region of the province of Nabataea, and pretty much covers the entire territory of modern day Israel.

Of all the 12 factions, only Parthia and Epirus will need to conquer Nabataea — and with it, Jerusalem — for their Economic victory.

Since none of the victory types require any particular faction to be defeated, it doesn't matter if Jerusalem is independant or not.


No, unless you wish to achieve economic victory as Parthia or Epirus, or you're playing a campaign that specifically requires you to conquer Jerusalem, you will never have to conquer it.

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