Note: There are spoilers for The Walking Dead: Season 1 in this question (and probably in the answers). Read ahead at your own risk.

At the very end of The Walking Dead: Season 1, episode 5, you give Clementine some advice 2 different times. Your different choices the first time are:

Find Omid and Christa.
Don't trust anybody.
Find a group.

Your different choices the second time are:

Keep that hair short.
Always keep moving.
Stay away from cities.

Does anything about the gameplay or story in season 2 change based on which advice you give her at this part? Also, if there are any spoilers, please mark it as either a "season one spoiler" or a "season two spoiler." (because I don't mind reading a season 1 spoiler but I'd hate to see a season 2 spoiler)

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It does, but not significantly. There are a few dialogues between Clementine and Characters that you will meet in Season 2 (and sometimes monologues) where Clementine mentions Lee Everett.

Storywise, it does not have an impact (you still have all choices)

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