I have collected a Horn, which appears to get charged up in the top right of the screen while running in the match-three section.

Every so often it gets 'used' and lots of monsters seem to whizz past my characters

Can anyone explain:-

1) How the charge bar is filed? 2) What is actually happening when it gets used 3) Can I use it on demand?


It slowly fills up while you are running (or matching tiles?). Once the bar is full, it's some kind of life saver: Whenever you are about to get defeated by a monster, the horn is triggered and all you captured monsters come to help you. They deal a lot of damage to all monsters on screen. It can't prevent you from failing to open up a chest, but when you run again afterwards, the bar is still completely filled. You can't trigger it manually.

One of the last shield upgrades has a passive ability to fill it up faster.

I actually never paid a lot of attention to it. You need to quickly clear your board to get more swords/staffs afterwards, or the next monster will probably still end your run. But it's really helpful if you are lucky enough to have a full bar when a hard boss appears.

  • I've just had the Horn trigger when my character was about halfway along the screen, so not in danger of 'Winning' by being pushed off the left hand edge – Rob Jun 9 '15 at 11:08

This has just been posted by the games author on the subject of the Hammerhorn.


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