I've heard that there is an O-power for increasing the Pokemon encounter rate but I don't know where to get this O-power. How to obtain it?

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I advice you to take a look at this article. In this article all O-Power's are listed with information about their power and where to obtain them.

Here a list of locations:


  • Route 5 (Attack, Defense, HP, & Capture)
  • Camphrier Hotel, second floor, far right room (Sp. Atk)
  • Ambrette Hotel (Sp. Def)
  • Cyllage Hotel (Prize Money)
  • Geoseng Hotel (Speed)
  • Shalour Pokemon Center (Critical)
  • Cormarine Pokemon Center (Befriending)
  • Lumiose Hotel Richissime, on North Blvd, between routes 16 and 14, near Hibernal Avenue (Bargain)
  • Laverre Pokemon Center (Encounter)
  • Dendemille Pokemon Center (Accuracy)
  • Anistar Pokemon Center (Exp Point)
  • Couriway Hotel (Stealth)
  • Snowbelle Pokemon Center (PP Restoring)
  • Lumiose Cafe Introversion, on South Blvd, between route 4 and 5, near Vernal Ave Max Style and all other O-powers required (Hatching)

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