Is there a way to configure the values for the different Tinker's Construct materials added by, say, ExtraTiC? Right now the values I have for the collection of mods I play with feels unbalanced. The only configuration options I could find (in ExtraTiC and IguanaTweaks) allow restricting which parts can be crafted. I want to change the values for the parts instead.

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You can if you use Minetweaker + Modtweaker.

Read up on how to use Minetweaker here:

The modtweaker documentation for Tinker's construct is here:

You can download them here if you don't have them yet

There is a section in there on setting tool stats. use /minetweaker materials to get a list of the materials you have installed and write a script in minecraft/scripts/TC.zs to rewrite whatever properties you want.

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