What does CDM mean? I've got it as buff on my equipment, but there is no reference as far as I know in the game to it. There is nothing in the list on Wikipedia that fits either (assuming I can't increase the Cold Dark Matter).

Screenshot of the game

  • i assume it could be mean Critical DaMage. But it would be nice if someone find a valid source to a valid answer
    – Serverfrog
    Jun 11 '15 at 9:15
  • @Serverfrog Well, it does fit. And there is no other relic that increases the critical damage, while it is a stat that can be increased in other rpgs.
    – Mathias711
    Jun 11 '15 at 9:17

I found here on Google Docs a big text where stand many things about the game. Another Source is this which is a thread on the official Forum.

And I found what CDM is.

CDM is Critical Damage according the Following list i found on this guide

Gold relics (advance crafted)
Helmet:  = +7% P.RES
Ring:     = M.RED +7
Belt:      = +10% RSL
Boots:    = 8% Dodge
Gloves:  =  10% crit
Amulet  =  7% M.RES
Chest    =  8% armor
Pants    =  P.RES red 7
Weapon =  3% dmg
Offhand= 8% hit

Blue Relics (smelted/found)
Helmet:  = +0.2% hp regen a round in combat
Ring:     = +10% more gold
Belt:      = +5% hp
Boots:    = +5% xp
Gloves:  =  7% Critical damage CDM
Amulet  =  3% drop rate
Chest    =  2% CC (crowd control aka stuns/freeze so on)
Pants    = 2% attacker damage return
Weapon =  2% absorb (life steal)
Offhand= +8 true damage

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