The amount of rewards you receive at the end of guild quests is determined by a complicated points system, where each monster has a certain number of points, and killing more difficult monsters gives you more points, which means more rewards.

This is the reason why quests involving rajang and deviljho are so popular, because they are both worth the most points for any non-elder dragon monster (and so you can pair them with something else, unlike with elder dragons which are always solo).

However, in guild quests that only have one monster (and have one invading "slot"), does the invading monster affect this point total? That is, if you kill a velocidrome (which normally gives very few rewards), but a deviljho invades and you kill it, will you get any extra guild quest rewards outside of the usual stuff you get from carving?

(By "rewards" in guild quests, I'm referring to things like relic weapons and armor, not the normal carves.)


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Short answer : Yes

Long answer : When in guild quest or exploration with unstable enviroment there is the probability of a invading monster, not only that but in the same quest you can be invaded multiple times (max 5),

any monster you slain during these invades not only give you more points at the end of the quest but also you get some loot in the quest rewards related to the monster you killed.

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