So, I started playing Mass Effect 3 and I imported my saved game from Mass Effect 2, I had a romance with Tali and I wanna know that even if I imported the romance within the saved game, am I able to romance somebody else in the game or will I have to continue romancing Tali?


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Yes. Some romances in mass Effect 3 must be continued from Mass Effect 2- those won't be available- but romancing Tali in a previous game won't stop you romancing someone new.

By picking the right dialogue options, a male Shepherd who previously romanced Tali would be able to romance one of the following:

  • Tali'Zorah
  • Ashley Williams
  • Steve Cortez
  • Kaiden Alenko
  • Liara T'soni
  • Diana Allers (note that this does not grant the achievement)

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