I heard that the number of steps you have collected in a given day affects the speed of O-Power green light ball thingies (what you need to use O-powers) regen rate. How does this work?


According to the Bulbapedia entry on O-Powers:

  • 0-2000 steps: 1× energy regeneration rate
  • 2001-3000 steps: 2× energy regeneration rate
  • 3001-2000 steps: 3× energy regeneration rate
  • 4001+ steps: 4× energy regeneration rate

The base rate for O-Power energy regeneration is 1 circle every 4 minutes. At the maximum regeneration rate, this becomes one circle every minute. As the 3ds's step counter resets at midnight (based on the system clock), so to does your O-Power regeneration rate return to 1x at midnight each day.

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  • woah! thats alot of steps! and i found out the circles are called energy – TheMagicKittten Jun 15 '15 at 22:33
  • Does the level of the O-power affect the number of steps you need? – TheMagicKittten Jun 15 '15 at 22:34
  • @TheMagicKittten No, your energy is global; all O-Powers draw from the same pool of energy that replenishes at the rate described in my answer. Higher level O-Powers require more energy per activation, so having a higher regeneration rate is more desirable in order to activate the powers more often, but is not required. – Trent Hawkins Jun 16 '15 at 0:02
  • yay i have 2000 steps – TheMagicKittten Jun 16 '15 at 0:21
  • so 1x is 4 min per circle, 2x is 3 min, 3x is 2 min, and 4x is 1 min? – TheMagicKittten Jun 16 '15 at 1:04

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