I was bored on Minecraft, and so I created a Superflat world with villages. Is there any way that I can replace all of the gravel to say... TNT?

I felt like being destructive, and I was wondering if there would be a faster way than manually replacing each of the gravel with TNT by hand. I don't use WorldEdit because, sadly, it will not run on my computer.


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This is simple to do with the /fill command. (1.8+ only)


/fill [x1] [y1] [z1] [x2] [y2] [z2] [BlockToFill] 0 replace [BlockToBeReplaced]

So in your case it would be:

/fill [x1] [y1] [z1] [x2] [y2] [z2] minecraft:tnt 0 replace minecraft:gravel

This will replace any gravel between the two co-ords with TNT.

  • It works on Bedrock version too
    – kokbira
    Apr 15 at 10:55

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