There were a few dwellers that came to my Vault when I started the game a few days ago. But after that no more dwellers have come, even though I have lots of space for them to join in and work. Obtaining more dwellers via babies is not working well, so I need walk in dwellers.


When you have 20 dwellers living in your vault, you can build a radio station. This will attract people from the outlands to you.

  • Just a note. The sheer time radio station needs to work is really huge. Two 10 Cha with +5 armor takes approximately 4 hours per dweller. The percentages are abysmal. If you are having problems growing babies, the radio tower is usually not a valid solution. It might be better to fix your baby problem. – Nelson Jan 2 '16 at 4:47

Another way is to complete objectives by getting enough caps to earn lunch boxes — or you can buy them — which sometimes contain cards that award a new dweller with nice skills and equipment.


radio station not working for me ... I'm baby making all the way just make sure your not trying to mate family as this don't work .... just try upgrading a 3 wide living quarters and filling it with both sex they will pair up and start the process :)

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