There are a number of high-up hanging bars (actually long bones) wrapped in vines that should enable access to higher areas - however I can't seem to interact with them.

I've tried the agile characters but they don't hold on. I've had mixed luck with a 'raptor sometimes being able to access the ledge, but this seems to be a bit hit and miss?

Which characters can use these?

Vine wrapped bones

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These are 'raptor grapple points, but you need to target them with the secondary action (B on the xbox controller) to use them.

Having now played the start of part 4, I can confirm:

Mr DNA Explains Raptor Rails

Targeting a rail

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    I think you also have to be a way away - if I'm standing too close, the handle doesn't seem to register as a potential target...
    – Margaret
    Commented Jun 20, 2015 at 13:52

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