Since Xbox Live Gold offers free games I have collected a lot of downloadable games on my Xbox Live account. Where can I see a full list of games I own?

And: Looking on my console is not an option since I currently don't have an Xbox 360 and the Xbox One only shows my Xbox One games.


You can view your purchase and download history for your account on the Microsoft website. You can filter that list down to Arcade Games, or Full Games to view just the games you have got, or you can view the full list which includes things like apps and DLC.

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    Alternatively you can look at your games in the Xbox One and browse to the right to see all the games that are waiting to be installed. If you are a Preview member, due to backwards compatibility, it will also show your digital 360 titles. If you are not you will need to wait till fall for that feature. – Eric Jun 22 '15 at 7:38
  • This answer is now outdated. Viewing the link, you can not view xbox 360 games. Only XboxOne and PC. – Gnemlock Mar 12 at 5:42
  • so how can you view it now without logging inside your XboxOne? – chriz Oct 6 at 23:24

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