I have been playing Terraria for a while and I have always seen zombies with skulls on their heads. I think the skulls are cool so I have always wanted to wear one of those. So I need to know, can those Zombies drop their skulls?


There are no zombies with skulls on their head. What you are probably referring to is a swamp zombie. And although it looks like a skull its not, all zombies have a chance to drop a shackle, a zombie arm, and a zombie banner.
Some zombies also have their specific drops :

Those you can encounter in a regular night :

  • Slimed zombie : drops gel
  • Pincushion zombie : drops arrows

Those that appear commonly inside biomes, or events.

  • Rain zombie (during rain) : drops Rain coat, Rain hat.
  • Zombie eskimo (surface snow biome) : drops eskimo armor
  • Spore/Mushroom zombie (hardmode mushroom biome) : drops significantly more coins
  • exception : Disguised zombie (halloween) : doesn't drop anything but little money.

Those that appear rarely

  • Doctor bones (jungle biome) : drops his Archaeologist's hat
  • The groom (blood moon) : drops his top hat

I killed skeletron and got the skull vanity item. I think is rare drop cause I killed skeletron about 3 times and only got it once.


It sounds like your referring to Swamp Zombies. enter image description here

Unfortunately, they do not drop their heads, nor do any zombies in general.

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